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Audyt oprogramowania

Complete control of the AuditPro

In order to make the most accurate decisions about your investments in information technology, is necessary to collect all the information about existing resources and their current use. Without this knowledge, it is virtually impossible to manage IT investments. Moreover, ignoring these facts exposes the company to accusations of illegal use of software. AuditPro is an indispensable assistant for all these areas

Introduction AuditPro allows you to:

  • Transfer of responsibility for the software installed on users computers.
  • Accurate knowledge about which Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Lady Replicasoftware is currently used by users (not just the one that is installed in case it was ever needed) and effective optimization of its licensing policy based on this information.
  • Eliminating the use of illegal software and avoid the danger of copyright infringement in your company.
  • Streamline administration processes licenses software in your company.
  • Cut the cost of purchasing hardware and software licenses.
  • Reducing unwanted PC user activities (such as playing computer games during working hours, abuse of corporate internet network, storing personal photos, music files, etc.) That clog the network locks the hard drives of computers and corporate distract users from their duties.
  • The application of the provisions of the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, the amended on 9 June 2000.
  • Easy introduction of a permanent,omega replica watches always current resource management system for your computers, software, licenses, installations and equipment.

Expansion modules AuditPro enables companies to easily manage other tasks associated on the same professional level.

  • Module Resources Management in a comprehensible records and monitors the position and movement of all company assets, including buildings, office equipment, mobile phones, etc.
  • Computer Usage Monitoring module keeps track of who, when and what programs run on company computers, is used as CPU, memory or network cards. In addition, this module provides a number of other useful information that allow for optimal planning and investing in IT.

Bar Codes module provides a unified registration system using bar codes.

AuditPro allows you to make efficient, requiring minimal cost and effort, administration software and hardware and other resources, as well as in a very short time maximizes cost savings the company.

AuditPro utilizes all the advantages of modern operating systems and networking, and offers more advantages compared to standard tools, which is due to its original concept. This professional system has received several national and international awards and achievements thanks to its technology has become well known in the industry.
Now try AuditPro on your PC! For your disposal we have a fully functional, free trial of.

We make computer administration is fun.

Pricing audit services. Valid from 1.02.2005r.
PC audit software
To 5 computers 120 PLN + VAT / pc
Up to 10 computers 100 PLN + VAT / pc
Over 11 computers 80 PLN + VAT / pc
The server software audit
Up to 10 servers 150 PLN + VAT / pc

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